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I am a sports fanatic at heart. I love all things sports and appeases to all my needs as a user. The web page is designed very well. I like the accessibility to all major sports and some less popular ones. For me, this site has the ultimate user experience. The main page presents the most current and up-to-date topics of what is happening in the world of sports. It also allows the me or any user to listen to podcasts and check the status of a fantasy team, if applicable. I also like that fact that it allows me to save my favorite teams and their info is on the homepage when I sign-in. The content is vast without having the user be overwhelmed. Videos are prevalent and updated scores scroll across the top of the page just in case a user is not inclined to navigate past the homepage. There are multiple links accessible so a user’s time is not wasted while exploring the site. has great behavior in that it does not harness many ads nor does it allow for any wasted space on its site. Navigation is easy and user-friendly such that a novice computer user could easily find whatever it was that brought them to the site. I think is structured well and offers the perfect template for any web designer to follow for any type of web site or app.


Power searching

Searching with Google is the go-to for anyone trying to find anything over the world wide web. I know as often as I use Google to find things that I have considered myself to be pretty efficient, but I recently got nudge in the direction of power searching via Google and its various tools. I knew of many of its capabilities, but rarely used them as being the average browser. Upon learning more about the concept  of power searching, I found many new tools and tricks to make my searches more accurate and less time consuming, ultimately. Here are some things I’ve learned:

1.Filtering images by color.

I didn’t know that you could filter images by color other than putting the color within your search query. Come to find out, on the left panel of the search results page, you can filter an image by choosing a color that is most prevalent in an image or even choose to only show black and white images. This could be useful when looking for fossils, charts, or images of a common item like dogs, but only want them in a certain color.

2. Conversions and calculations

I honestly did not ever think to use Google as calculator. I have used it to convert degrees F to C just for kicks,  but it can be used to find simple arithmetic to the most complex computations imaginable just by simply putting it in the search bar and waiting for the results. I think it is very practical for converting currency, but I would mainly use it for converting units of measures when dealing with recipes especially if I wanted to make a larger quantity and not actually knowing how to keep the same ratio of ingredients so to not alter the taste.

3. Operators

Operators are probably the most important and dynamic feature about using Google search. Knowing that I can specify what type of document to look for or search within a specific site is sublime. Putting the operator ‘site:’ followed by a domain designation like ‘.gov’  would only give results from .gov sites. That can be especially helpful when you don’t want to sift through various results and want credible ones.

4. Search features

I often like to search for weather in places that I could be traveling to  and usually got to Well with Google search features I could just search ‘weather [zip code]’ and get the real-time weather of that city. There are also features that allow you to search flights and the exact time in any time zone. The time zone feature is useful for me because I have friends all over the world and I can search what the time is in their area to know if it is appropriate to correspond at that moment.

5. Finding text on a web page

I know many of times that I have been doing research, found a credible source, but spend a while sifting through pages to find the information that I was looking for. It always seems like a waste of time and usually is. By using Ctrl+F or Command+F within a web page, you can pop up another search bar and find specific text within that space. It can also be filtered by the occurrences. You can press Enter for the next place it appears or Return for the previous place it appears. This is useful when researching a topic within a page, but it appears numerous times. You can sift quickly to find the place and information that is vital to you.


Learning about power searching has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of using Google as a search engine. No wonder it is the leading search engine in the world, by leaps and bounds. I will definitely utilize the new tips and tricks that I learned and make them apart of my skill set. Searching the web from now on should be very efficient and satisfying. Search on….


Drive On>>

google drive logo

Since the web is essentially the way of world nowadays, it’s only natural that we handle most of the day-to-day activities online. I have use a couple of services online including Microsoft OneDrive, but Google Drive is my go-to choice for web-based services. I like the fact that Drive offers a free alternative to Office applications like Word, Access, and etc. Drive allows you to upload original renditions from those apps while also converting them to Google’s version. Sometimes, you the conversion can alter the way a document looks due to different features, but it is definitely comparable.

The fact that everything is on the web makes it easier to access your Drive from any device with internet access. I often access my Drive from multiple devices during any given day. That functionality is second to none. Using a web-based service also give the user the advantage of not bogging down their hard drives with having to use up storage. Google Drive gives any user 15 GB of free storage with pay options for anyone needing more storage. Some users may need access to items and maybe cannot due to lack of internet access. That issue could be problematic for certain users.

I also like the fact that Google Drive allows users to group together and collaborate on any file at once and in real-time. Sharing can be made public or private. Files and folders can be shared. User permissions can be allocated like view only or edit so files can retain integrity.

I would definitely try to leverage the use of Google Drive in my workplace. I think having that accessibility to work from anywhere and at any time is great for any company. I think a company can work more efficiently while progressing into the new world of workflow. With that being said, Drive on!!

I Hear U

volume up

I always thought that I was a pretty good listener. I often pick up on things that I am not even focused on. During lectures and/or demonstrations, I usually follow along and stay engaged with my eyes and ears. I try and take what I thought the presenter wanted me to take from it and I will ask questions at the end for clarity. I came across a case study that opened my eyes to becoming an “active” listener:

I was impressed at how listener is more about interaction rather than just about taking in information. As the examples of the case study highlighted, staying engaged and asking questions during a presentation can help you become better informed. You will be able to take more away from the exchange than maybe was warranted. That is usually a good thing and allows for better interaction between the presenter and the audience. Listen and learn!!!


To continue the discussion about time management, during some soft skill training, I recall having to plan my day out as an exercise to evaluate my time management skills. Needless to say, I failed at it miserably. I had planned to attend my two classes for the day, but I forgot that I had to change the entire day around due to my house being destroyed from a water heater leak. So contractors were to come out and prep my floors to be replaced. I actually got homework and some other tasks done, but the day I had planned was thrown out the window. I have gotten better at managing my time since that day so I’m proud of that!


As we have moved along with time management, my team participated in a game using a deck of cards. Before proceeding, we were asked to determine how long it would take us to arrange the cards in a certain order according to a handout. My team assumed that it would only take us a little more than a minute to do the task Little did we know, it took much longer. Double the time, actually! After a brief discussion, we formulated a better strategy and decided on a time more reasonable. Once we found had another opportunity to do the task again, it was handed easily and took no time at all. I have learned to give yourself enough time to get things done, initially, then scale the time frame down to your experiences with doing the same or similar tasks.

Time Management

“Timing is everything!”, as the old adage goes. No phrase has ever been more correct and encompassing. I cannot recall all of the times where opportunities have been missed or wasted due to time passing by or not seeming to have enough of it. I have a hard balance with said concept due to the fact that I like to think that I have time to do everything at any given time. Besides, I have been known to be a procrastinator. That is where the vital skill of time management comes into play.

I recent took an online assessment to evaluate how I manage my time. The results were somewhat surprising because I thought I was pretty good at it, but I obviously need to hone my skills. I do look to improve upon my mistakes and get better at making my time useful. Below, I have attached the results of that assessment. Check it out if you have time.

Time management